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What is puberty?
Puberty is a gradual period of change between childhood and adulthood. It’s a period during which your body changes and starts to resemble that of a woman, preparing for reproduction, and it’s at this point that a teenage girl can become pregnant. Puberty involves physical and psychological changes.

Physical changes
1.    The main changes include:
  • growth and change in the appearance of the breasts
  • filling out of the hips
  • changes in the size and appearance of the genitals
  • beginning of vaginal discharge
  • beginning of menstruation
  • appearance of pubic hair, armpit hair, and other body hair.

At your own pace: So, some of your friends have started to menstruate and you haven’t? And your breasts don’t look like those of your friends? Don’t worry, your body is just developing at its own pace. The changes that puberty brings occur at different times for every girl.

2.    Hair: keep it or remove it?
In spite of everything you see in the movies, on the Web, in magazines or that you hear on the topic, hair removal is a matter of personal choice and taste! Your choices are based on your values, tastes and beliefs. What are yours?

Armpit and leg hair
In some cultures, it is a widespread custom for girls to remove armpit and leg hair. But this is a fashion not an obligation!

Pubic hair
Deciding to remove this hair is a personal choice and not an obligation. The genital area is more sensitive to infection and irritation when its natural protection—hair—is removed. Certain over-the-counter products can be too strong or irritating. Get the right information!

What hair removal method should you use?

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Before making a choice or going ahead with anything, be sure to ask for help and information from a qualified individual (e.g. cosmetic salesperson at the pharmacy, aesthetician, nurse, etc.).

“ALL my friends are having their hair removed!!”
These days, hair removal is in. Everywhere you look, it seems people have virtually no body hair. In reality, though, it varies quite a bit! If you opt for hair removal ’cause you feel pressure from friends or your partner, keep in mind that it’s a decision you need to make for yourself. It’s your body! So what are your reasons for considering hair removal? Why is this important for you?

Psychological changes
A new me!
All these physical and hormonal changes can also alter the way you feel emotionally. Some people become more confident while others feel the opposite, and feel awkward about these quick and unexpected changes. If you have any questions or need reassurance, why not talk to a friend or with an adult you trust. You can also write to us or call us at Tel-jeunes.

Your relationships with others.
Your relationships with your friends and parents may also change. Your tastes, needs and interests are changing. For example, you may feel a greater desire to be attractive, or have romantic or sexual experiences.

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