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Vaginal lubrication
What is vaginal lubrication?
Vaginal lubrication is a clear and viscous liquid that appears inside your vagina during sexual arousal.

Lack of lubrication
A lack of lubrication may lead to pain or discomfort during intercourse.
1.    Possible causes
There are several possible causes, which vary from one person to the next, including the following:
•    If you are ill at ease with your partner or the situation
•    If you aren’t ready for a sexual relationship or feel peer pressure
•    If you aren’t sufficiently sexually stimulated
•    Lack of lubrication may occur during one’s period or with use of the Pill
2.    What can promote lubrication
•    Being in a pleasant environment (e.g. choosing the right time and place, feeling intimate, feeling good, etc.)
•    Ensuring sufficient sexual stimulation, including foreplay (e.g. caressing, touching, kissing, etc.)

If the problem persists, you could consult a health professional.
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