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What is circumcision?
is a surgical procedure in which the prepuce is removed. The prepuce is
a retractable piece of skin covering the glans (tip of the penis) that
contains several nerve endings.

Why is circumcision performed?
has nothing to do with the aesthetics or cleanliness of the penis and
does not affect its functions. It is performed for reasons related to traditions and religious beliefs or when the prepuce is too tight (causing pain during erections and penetration).

Falsehoods and truths
•    A circumcised penis is cleaner.
FALSE. The cleanliness of a penis is a matter of personal hygiene.

•    Circumcision protects again cancer of the penis.
FALSE. Everyone is at risk of cancer of the penis, regardless of whether or not you are circumcised.

•    Circumcision protects against AIDS and STIs (STDs).
FALSE. Only condoms and practising safe sex can protect against AIDS and STIs (STDs).

•    The prepuce is a useless piece of skin.
FALSE. It is erogenous tissue that contributes to sexual pleasure.
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