Love and sexuality
Personal values versus sexuality
When you begin a romantic relationship, it’s important to evaluate your values in terms of sexuality. You have your personal values, your friends have their values and your partner has his/her values. Regardless of your feelings or of your desire, it’s up to you to define what type of romantic and sexual relationship you want. Would you prefer keeping things to kissing and caressing for the time being because you’d like to get to know your partner better first, or do you feel ready for mutual masturbation? 

Everyone’s different, so in order to have a satisfying sexual relationship, you need to express your preferences and limits to your partner. Your partner needs to respect your choices and not pressure or coerce you into changing your values in order to do what he/she wants. And for your part, you need to listen to your partner’s values and respect them! By communicating with your partner, you’ll be able to reach a middle ground that will suit you both.
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