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Why protect yourself?
People protect themselves against STIs and HIV to avoid endangering their health (e.g. risk of becoming sterile) or their life (AIDS, which is incurable), or those of others. It should be an automatic reflex: If you want to have sex, you should use protection!

STIs and HIV are infections transmitted during unprotected sex with an infected person, regardless of whether or not there is penetration. The infected person is often unaware that he/she has an STI or HIV that he/she could transmit to you.

An STI or HIV is not always visible to the naked eye. Even if a person seems “clean” and doesn’t have pimples or redness on his/her genitals, he/she may still have an STI or HIV. And even if it’s your first sexual experience, you are not sheltered from STIs or HIV.

Protecting yourself is also a matter of mutual respect. The easiest and handiest way to ensure protection against certain STIs and HIV is the CONDOM. However, you must keep in mind that condoms don’t offer full protection against herpes or the human papilloma virus (HPV-condyloma).

A dental dam is another form of protection against the transmission of STIs. It is a square of latex placed on the woman’s vulva during oral sex. It is not a form of contraception.
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