Falsehoods and truths
False or true ?
•    People who attempt suicide are manipulators and all they want is attention.

FALSE. Be careful not to make generalizations; a suicide attempt is a way of saying: “Listen to me, things are bad! I need help.”

•    Those who talk about it won’t go through with it.

FALSE. It’s a cry for help that must be taken seriously regardless of its shape or form.

•    Talking about suicide with a suicidal person will encourage them to go through with it.

FALSE. Talking about it will make the person feel like someone’s listening and understanding, and this will make them feel less alone with their distress. You could also refer your friend to resource people who can help them find solutions and alleviate their feelings of despair.

•    A family in which there has been a suicide is at greater risk. 

TRUE: After a first suicide, family members who have trouble resolving their problems are at greater risk of doing the same thing.

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