The suicide of someone close to you
Stages of grief
1.    Shock and denial. In this stage, you will be in a state of shock and have difficulty believing it’s true and accepting what’s happened. You may be unable to react or show emotion, as though you are “paralyzed.” Other people will cry, feel nostalgic or be irritable.

2.    Disorganization.
In this phase, you may feel deep anger, frustration, injustice and disbelief. You may also feel sad, anxious, tense, agitated or unmotivated and sometimes exhibit unusual behaviour. You may tend to project your anger onto your friends or family. Being angry is normal. But verbally or physically attacking people is not an acceptable way of expressing your anger. Try talking or crying about it!

3.    Resolution of the grief.
In this stage, you accept the loss. By accepting it, you become able to remember the good moments as well as the not-so-nice ones. You begin to have more confidence in yourself, you feel better, and the future doesn’t seem as gloomy as before. You have new dreams and you’re able to have fun. You can see how this experience can make you stronger.
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