The suicide of someone close to you
What to do if you are grieving
•    Give yourself time. The wound left by someone’s death can take time to heal. Give yourself the right to go at your own pace, and to not feel okay right away. With the passage of time, the pain will subside. You won’t forget the person who left, but remembering will hurt less.

•    Hang on to the good memories. Remember the good times you shared together.

•    Surround yourself with friends and people you love who understand what you’re feeling. Do not isolate yourself.

•    Talk to someone you trust, like a friend, a parent, an adult you like, a professional or call Tel-Jeunes. You’ll see you’re not alone in experiencing all these emotions.

•    Take your mind off things. Even if you might not feel like it, continue seeing people and taking part in activities that you usually enjoy.

•    Avoid blaming yourself. This won’t bring the person back and will only make your grief or anger worse.

•    Take care of yourself. Other people around you may also have been affected by the suicide. You can offer each other mutual support, but it’s not up to you to take them under your wing. You are in mourning yourself.

•    Avoid alcohol and drugs. In difficult times, some people may be inclined to use alcohol or drugs in the hope of dulling their pain. But these substances never help one get over grief. On the contrary, they can increase the pain you’re feeling and cause other problems (learn more about addiction to alcohol and drugs).

•    Try to sleep and eat well. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will give you the energy to deal with this difficult period.

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