What are suicidal thoughts?
Suicidal thoughts... what are they?
•    A person may have suicidal thoughts when they’re going through difficulties that cause them to suffer.

•    Having difficult periods and occasional crises is normal and is part of life. Crisis situations usually create an imbalance causing us to make changes in our life, adapt to the situation and find solutions. Not everyone has the tools needed to cope with hard situations, and that’s when suicidal thoughts can emerge.

•    Suicidal thoughts are a type of cry for help and a warning sign that the brain sends to the person telling them they are suffering and need to seek help.

•    A person with suicidal thoughts is trying to find a solution to their problems to stop their suffering; they don’t want to stop living.

•    This person has tried everything they know to ease their suffering, but to no avail. This can cause despair and discouragement, which leads to thoughts of suicide.

•    A person can become “blinded” by their difficulties and feel as though they’ve run out of solutions to ease their suffering, which has become intolerable. Yet there are always ways to deal with the difficulties you encounter.

•    By asking for help, a person with suicidal thoughts can look at their troubles from a different angle and figure out other possible solutions.
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