Who is affected by suicidal thoughts?
Who is affected by suicidal thoughts?
•    No one is immune to suicidal thoughts.

•    Certain circumstances can make a person more likely to entertain suicidal thoughts. Here are some of the risk factors:
- Past suicide attempt
- Mental health problem (e.g. depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia)
- Alcohol or drug dependence
- Victim of violence or of physical or sexual abuse
- Family history of suicide
- Stressors (e.g. academic failure), a loss, bereavement
- Chronic physical illness
- Questioning of sexual orientation

•    Other circumstances can make a person less likely to have suicidal thoughts. These protective factors include:
- Support and therapeutic follow-up for mental health issues, substance abuse or physical/sexual abuse
- Satisfying family and social relationships
- Ability to resolve problems or conflicts
- Self-esteem and optimism
- Academic success and positive integration at school
- Healthy lifestyle (eating, sleeping, physical exercise, etc.)
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