Family violence
Forms of family violence
Conjugal violence

What is it?

• Physical, psychological or sexual violence between two adults in a couple, e.g. your parents

• Conjugal violence between your parents or between one of your parents and his/her spouse may put you through all sorts of emotions (e.g. powerlessness to stop what's going on, fear, sadness, anger, disappointment).
• It may change your perception of your parents, of those around you, and of what a couple's relationship is all about.
• By allowing you to think that it's an appropriate way to handle difficult situations in a relationship, conjugal violence may also lead you to resort to violence towards your parents, others or in your own romantic relationships.

Violence towards a child or adolescent

What is it?

• Physical, psychological or sexual violence or negligence on the part of a parent or other family member toward a child or adolescent


• May have a serious impact on all family members
• May put you through all sorts of emotions (e.g. powerlessness, fear, shame, guilt, loss of self-esteem)
• May change your perception of your parents and of others
• May make it hard for you to pay attention, focus and stay motivated at school
• May allow you to think it's an appropriate way to handle emotions and difficulties
• May sometimes lead you to become violent in your relationships with others

Violence towards a parent

What is it?

• Verbal, physical or psychological violence committed by an adolescent or child towards a parent;
• May take various forms: hitting, making unrealistic demands, deliberately toying with a parent’s feelings, going missing in order to make the parent worry, refraining from giving any signs of affection, attempting to control the household or a parent’s life, disrupting a parent’s romantic life, etc.


• May have psychological consequences on the parent, the adolescent and other members of the family
• The parent loses their authority and the adolescent takes control

Don’t try to work it out all by yourself! No one deserves to experience violence! Violence is unacceptable in any relationship. If you are experiencing family violence or are yourself violent towards members of your family, it is important to seek help. Call us anytime at 1 800 263-2266, it's confidential.

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