Get informed : Violence

Are you violent?
If you think you are at risk of committing violent acts, the first step is to recognize this and accept that it is a problem

It's very likely you commit these acts without thinking because you learned that being violent is no big deal since others in your circle are violent. 

Unfortunately, you may not have realized that this behaviour is unacceptable, has negative consequences on your relationships and hurts those you victimize

Here are some ideas to help you modify this behaviour:

• Identify the pros and cons of your violent behaviour;
Why do you behave violently (e.g. need to control others to feel important, need to belittle others to feel better, need to hit others to feel powerful)?  
• Which situations lead you to resort to violence? 
• What are the consequences of this behaviour on yourself and on your relationships with others (friends, parents, teachers)? 
• How would you feel if you were the victim of violence? Keep in mind that it can happen to anyone!   
• What activities would make you feel good about yourself, feel in control and appreciated without hurting anyone (e.g. belonging to a sports team, showing off your talents as a DJ, with video games, dance, theatre, on the student council, or finding a job you enjoy)?
Make reparations for some of your errors by, for instance, apologizing to the victims of your violent behaviour.
Talk about your problems with people you trust (e.g. school or CLSC counsellors, Tel-jeunes). They can help you minimize this behaviour and find other ways to express your frustration.

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