Get informed : Violence

You are a witness
Witnessing violence can be very disorienting and put you through all sorts of emotions

Remember that while you can help a person affected by violence, it's not your job to be their saviour. You have your own limits. Try to avoid having the other person's problem become your own by taking on all the responsibility. 

You shouldn’t hesitate at all to seek support from an adult you trust, either to help you help a friend or help you cope with the emotions this situation makes you feel.

Here are some suggestions for helping someone who is experiencing violence:

Express your worries and observations.
Listen to what they have to say, without judging them or preaching to them.
• Give them time to think things over.
• Suggest that they report the violent behaviour.
• Direct them to professional resources (school or CLSC counsellors, Tel-jeunes).
• Offer to accompany them when they get help.
• If your friend refuses to seek help and you think they are in imminent danger, you can report the situation to a school or CLSC counsellor or to Tel-jeunes. They will direct you to the appropriate resources (e.g. youth protection branch, police).
• Seek help from an adult you trust to help you cope with this difficult situation. You can also call us at Tel-Jeunes at 1 800 263-2266 anytime.

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