Say NO to violence
Reporting versus "ratting someone out"
“Ratting someone out” and reporting are two different things!

Ratting someone out is revealing information in order to harm, take revenge or punish someone for pleasure. For example, a month ago, you and your gang robbed a convenience store. Now you suspect that your friend, to whom you described the crime, is going to report you because you had a huge argument with him yesterday and he threatened to report you to the police. So in order to avoid arrest, you decide to "rat out" your friends to the police regarding the convenience store robbery. Your goal is to save your own skin, not to help the victim of violence. 

Someone who reports a situation is saying NO to violence and is doing so in order to help or receive help. For example, if you're experiencing violence in your family and you report the situation to a school counsellor, explaining that you're afraid to go home because your parents use drugs and kick you when you get home late. Your goal is to get help for yourself and for your parents, and put an end to the violent situation.

Reporting violence allows:

• An adult to intervene and protect the person affected by violence
• The victim of the violent behaviour to receive help
• The aggressor to realize that they have a problem and to face the consequences of their actions
• The aggressor to receive support to stop their violent behaviour and develop empathy and new problem-solving strategies

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