Sexual assault
What is it?
• It is an act of a sexual nature, with or without physical contact, committed against the victim's will (without consent or in a situation where consent is not legally recognized). 

• It may involve violence, force, threats, abuse of power, manipulation or blackmail.

• Most often, the sexual aggressor is someone the victim knows from their circle of friends or acquaintances.

• Sexual assault may also be committed by someone in a position of authority (e.g. a sports coach, teacher, family member, romantic partner, another young person).

• Both guys and girls may be victims of sexual assault.

• Here are some examples of sexual assault:

- Invitation to sexual touching
- Sexual touching
- Obscene phone calls
- Exhibitionism
- Incest
- Pedophilia
- Voyeurism
- Juvenile prostitution
- Pornography, etc.
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