Street gangs
Getting out
Step by step. Every gang is different, every situation is different and everyone has different needs (read more about Stay or go). The more clearly you identify your needs and the reasons you want to quit the gang and the difficulties you'll face, the better able you'll be to get appropriate help. 

Do you need:

Information or support?
Protection (e.g. Are you worried about your safety)?
Money (e.g. Do you owe gang members anything)?
• To learn more about your rights (e.g. Have you committed crimes which could lead to trouble with the law)?
• To return to school or the job market?
• To rebuild friendships outside the gang?

Talk about it! Don’t try to work it out all by yourself! Talk with someone you trust (e.g. a parent, teacher) so that they give you support and help you find resources. Does anyone in your circle know that you’re a gang member? Which parents or friends can help you?

Help. School and CLSC counsellors can help you develop strategies for leaving the gang. They can also help you return to school or the job market. You can obtain help from your school or CLSC or by calling us at 1 800 263-2266.

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