Street gangs
Joining a gang

• New members may be recruited by friends, acquaintance or even family members who already belong to a street gang.
• Recruitment may be direct or subtle. It isn’t always easy to know if a street gang is trying to recruit you, because they won’t necessarily come out and ask you if you want to be a member.

If you’re a girl, a member may attempt to recruit you through:

Seduction (e.g. by charming you, getting you to go out with them, telling you they love you, promising you a more exciting life)
Gifts (e.g. offering you jewellery, clothes, meals in restaurants, money, an apartment, drugs)
Feelings (e.g. promising to protect you, offering you a way out of your family environment if you’re experiencing conflicts or violence)


In order to become a member of a gang, you may be forced to perform certain acts, which are often illegal. For example:
• Taking large quantities of drugs and alcohol
• Fighting with members of the gang
• Committing crimes
• Having sex with one or more members of the gang, especially if you are a girl

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