Street gangs
Keep a distance

Your choices can help you keep a distance from street gangs.

• It's important to know that it's your choice to join a street gang or not.
Stick with friends who share your values and who aren't involved in criminal activities or a street gang.
Spend your free time doing activities you enjoy (e.g. team sports, theatre groups, youth organizations).
Focus on your studies and different projects you enjoy that provide a sense of achievement.
• Take inspiration and encouragement from adults around you who are good role models.
• Maintain good relations with your parents and allow them to take an interest in you, in what you're up to and in who you are.
If you think you are in danger, talk with an adult you trust (e.g. a parent, teacher, school or CLSC counsellor or call Tel-jeunes). Joining a gang isn't what's going to make you safe!
• If a friend or acquaintance wants to force you to do something illegal for a gang, call the police or Tel-Jeunes at 1 800 263-2266. You can get help even if you don't want to report your friend.

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