Street gangs
Guys and girls

Guys and girls usually play very different roles in street gangs.


• Often form the majority of gang members
• May play different roles, such as directing, planning and organizing gang activities, making decisions, recruiting and initiating new members and punishing members who try to quit the gang


• Form a minority of gang members
• Are often considered "accessory" but sometimes act as "partners" when they handle the criminal activities of a girl's gang
• Join a gang because they are attracted to or in love with a member and want to please them
• Are often perceived as sexual objects and exploited (exotic dancing, escort work, prostitution) for the gang's benefit
• May be active in recruiting, spying, shoplifting, acting as look-outs during crimes, and in arms and drug trafficking.

Sexual exploitation

• Sexual exploitation. For girls, being in a street gang often is synonymous with sexual exploitation. Sooner or later, girls will find themselves in the sex trade (e.g. exotic dancing, escort work, prostitution).
Feelings. Girls are often seduced by a gang member, fall in love with them and agree to prostitute themselves out of love (e.g. "If you really love me, you'll prove it by doing what I ask.").
Gifts. At the beginning, your boyfriend will probably give you lots of gifts (e.g. jewellery, clothing, alcohol, drugs) to seduce you into not wanting to leave him. Beware! This doesn't last long
Trap. In time, your boyfriend will ask you to take part in sexual activities to pay for the gifts he's given you and to make money for the gang. You'll realize that you've become a cog in the wheel and that it's hard to get out. It’s much better to avoid the trap and get help as soon as your realize that you’re in danger! 
Your values. Keep in mind your values and make sure you respect them. Anyone who truly loves and respects you will want you to act in accordance with your values.
Prostitution and rape. Initial prostitution usually occurs with other gang members, sometimes through gang rape (gang bang).
Violence. Over time, the violence will increase and could lead to drug abuse, unwanted pregnancy, prostitution, STIs, etc.

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