Violence in romantic relationships
What is it?
• It is physical, psychological or sexual violence by a person towards their partner.

• It is an abuse of power on the part of one partner towards the other.

• It may occur once or repeatedly.

• It can occur in any romantic relationship (e.g. heterosexual or homosexual relationship).

• It can reduce an adolescent's self-esteem and confidence.

• It may take various forms

- controlling the other person's relationships by preventing them from seeing certain people
- threatening separation
- shoving them
- belittling them
- giving threatening looks
- harassing them after a break-up
- blackmailing them to obtain favours 
- making unfounded accusations
- threatening to spread false rumours
- making them account for their comings and goings  
- forcing them to have sexual contact (read more about sexual assault)
- etc.

• A violent partner unfortunately tends to use inappropriate and unacceptable methods to manage their emotions in difficult situations. In many cases, they don't know how to properly cope with their emotions and need help in learning new approaches.

• Young people aged 15 to 24 are most at risk of experiencing this form of violence.

Violence is an equal-opportunity behaviour. Both guys and girls may be violent, and both guys and girls may be victims.

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