Violence in romantic relationships
What to do
If you are experiencing violence in your romantic relationship

• Remember, it's not your fault! You aren't responsible for your partner's violent behaviour.
• You don't deserve to be a victim of violence. Violence is always unacceptable.
• You have a right to be safe.
• You are not alone!
Break the silence! It may not always be easy but it's the only way to reduce violent behaviour and ensure that all those involved are able to receive help and stop living in fear.
Talk with an adult you trust (e.g. a parent, a family member, a school or CLSC counsellor, or call Tel-jeunes). 
Regain control. Resume control over your life by not tolerating any form of violence.
Develop a game plan. You can’t see every crisis coming, but you can plan for emergencies. Establish a plan to ensure your safety in dangerous situations. For example: establish where you could go, who could take you in, write down the telephone numbers of people or resources you could contact in an emergency (e.g. a family member you trust, Tel-jeunes, the police), etc.
Call 911 if you are in immediate danger. Help will arrive quickly.
Put your plan in place. When a crisis occurs, it's no time to play hero or argue. Your safety is what's important, so quickly put your plan into action.
Surround yourself with your friends. This will make you feel less alone and more confident.
Seek help and invite your partner to do so as well. Remind yourself that as soon as you start getting help, the other person can too. 

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