What is violence?
Types of violence
Physical violence
• Is the use of physical force to hurt or injure someone
• May take various forms: throwing something, pushing, hitting, slapping, pulling hair, etc.
• Is the most visible type of violence

Verbal abuse
• Is yelling, screaming or simply using an abusive tone of voice to threaten, insult, criticize, blame, or belittle someone in an effort to hurt them
• Is often visible to others but can sometimes be hidden

Psychological violence
• Is an attack on another person's personal value, self-esteem and self-confidence though disparagement and belittling
• Can be conveyed through looks, attitudes, actions or words 
• May take various forms: insulting, threatening, humiliating, rejecting or taunting someone, spreading rumours about them, making nasty comments, socially isolating them by preventing them from seeing their friends, ignoring them, threatening to commit suicide if they don't do as they're told, etc.  
• Is a less visible form of violence that is more difficult to detect, but that nevertheless leaves long-lasting scars

Economic violence
• Is the use of behaviour to control a person's money or possessions or to prevent their access to these things
• Makes the victim feel dependent and inferior
• May take various forms: stealing money or credit cards, selling someone's things without their knowledge, forcing someone to buy something for yourself or to give up their money, controlling their expenditures, running up debts in someone else's name, asking someone to work overtime without pay, etc.

Sexual violence
• Is the use of control to force a person to take part in a sexual activity without their consent
• May take various forms: sexual denigration, forced kissing, forced viewing of pornographic material, exposure to sexual scenes, touching, non-consensual sexual relations, pornographic exploitation, obscene phone calls, etc. For more information on sexual assault.

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