Looking for work
Where to look?
Several possibilities: It can be difficult to make sense of all the possible options. Do you know exactly what you're looking for? If you do, it's easier to target specific types of workplaces (read more here about types of work).

Word of mouth: Don't hesitate to talk to people around you! The more people know you're looking for a job, the greater the chances that someone will offer you one. You can apply at a company even if they haven't advertised! Just go to places you want to work at and submit your résumé.

Useful tools: Tools that can help you find a job include classified ads in newspapers, Internet job sites, and Carrefours jeunesses-emploi.

Sound fishy?
It's important to read between the lines of job ads. If the ad seems hard to believe (for example, a very high salary for a low-skilled job, an ad that promises the job of your dreams but gives no details), ask the advice of someone you trust.
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