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How to prepare for an interview
Some basics: Everything you say and do in your interview can have an impact on the decision to hire you. For this reason, punctuality, language, posture, and clothing are important factors in interviews. To maximize your chances, choose serious and clean clothing and a serious hair style. Have a more eccentric style? You might be able to negotiate something with your employer once you're hired.

What happens in the interview?
Typical questions an employer might ask are: What are your strengths? Why do you think the company should hire you? What have been your notable achievements? You might also be asked to participate in role playing and answer questions about your work history. Just like with a test, good preparation can help you do better.

A stressful experience.
Interviews are often stressful (read more here about stress and the ways to manage it). Remember — employers will not necessarily give you an answer the next morning! You might have to wait a few days, a week, or even two weeks before getting an answer! If you are not hired following an interview, you can ask the employer the reason. After one or more unsuccessful interviews, a visit to a Carrefour jeunesse-emploi can help you correct the situation.
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What are my strengths?

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