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Writing your resume and filling out a job application
What is a resume? A resume is a summary of your experience, skills and education. In short, it's your passport to work!

Make a good first impression! Your resume is one of the first contacts with your future employer. You must therefore take great care in preparing it: make sure that there are no spelling mistakes, and prepare it on a computer. Some employers require a covering letter in addition to a résumé — it's your responsibility to find out what the employer wants. You might also have to fill out a job application. Usually, the information asked of you on a job application is the same as the information you provide in your résumé.

"But I have no experience!" What can you put in your resume if you have no work experience? You can list your achievements at school or in the community (for example, secretary of your student council, participation in the painting of a mural), your interests, and your talents. If you think it would help, ask someone with experience (your parents, a Carrefour jeunesse-emploi counsellor) to help you write you résumé.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You may be tempted to stretch the truth in your resume and your job application. But this can have serious consequences — did you know that lying is a justification for firing? So think carefully about it! You also need to decide whether to include job experiences that were not so positive. Don't forget that employers may talk to each other!
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