Making choices
Making choices
Coping with the working world is not always easy, and you may be faced
with all sorts of situations and emotions. Here are some things to
think about when making your choice.

Parents: Your parents might not agree with your decision to work or not work.
  • Have you tried to learn the reasons for their position?
  • Are they refusing because they want you to concentrate on school?
  • Are they pressuring you to work because you dropped out of school or so that you become more independent?
  • Is a compromise possible (read more here about problems with parents)
School or full-time work? Perhaps you're tempted to take a full-time job rather than continue school, and are having difficulty deciding what to do (read more here about dropping out). If you decide to work:
  • How hard will it be for you to return to school afterwards?
  • Are
    you prepared for the fact that you may have to work very hard if you go
    back to school later, because your entire life will have changed (you
    will be older and have more serious personal, financial, and maybe even
    parental, responsibilities)?
  • Have you thought about the effects on your schedule, your friends, and routine?
Quit your job or stay? Every
job has better and worse sides... Remember that every time you change
jobs you have to go through the whole process of job hunting and
getting hired! And don't forget that if you leave your job voluntarily
you are ineligible for employment insurance. Before quitting, take the
time to think about some things:
  • Why do you want quit your job?
  • Do you often change jobs?
  • Do you have problems finding a job you like?
  • Are your working conditions acceptable? Do you have conflicts with people at work or suffer harassment? Is your job safe?
  • What are your expectations of your future job?
  • Are your expectations realistic?
When working isn't the answer!
If your financial problems are so serious that it is difficult for you
to continue your studies, student loans and bursaries might be the
answer. To learn if you are eligible for this type of financial
support, talk to your school counsellor or a government representative,
or visit the the Loans and Bursarie Program site.
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