Possible problems
Possible problems
Problems with your employer. Your employer is perfectly within their rights to establish rules for the efficient functioning of the company. Having problems with your employer? Why not go talk to them? On the other hand, if you feel abused or if the employer asks you to do something illegal, it is important to draw the line. Do you think you could do that? If you're not sure, you might want to talk to someone you trust or consult the Commission des normes du travail.

Problems with coworkers. It's not always easy to work with people we're thrown together with! Sometimes conflicts arise. In these cases, you have several choices:
When making your decision, don't forget to first think about the possible impact of your actions on your work!

If you're the victim of workplace harassment. You don't have to put up with psychological, physical, or sexual harassment! Is there someone you trust you can talk to? If you feel up to it, you can ask your harasser to stop their behaviour. Or you can talk to your employer, as they are obliged to stop any harassment. If nothing is done, you can complain to the Commission des normes du travail. Remember — silence won't resolve the problem.
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