Types of work
It counts as work experience. You can volunteer for a few hours every week or only for a specific period of the year (for example, Christmas holidays, summer). Not only can volunteering help you gain experience that you can apply in a later job, it's a way to take part in community life and learn about yourself. And it's often seen as a point in your favour on your résumé!

"How do I get started?"
Use your imagination and offer your services to an organization you find interesting. To get some ideas, you can read the newspaper, speak to people around you, and visit your local volunteer centre.

"Sign me up!" Bear in mind that although you're not being paid, your volunteer work may be subject to the same rules (for example, concerning lateness and absences) as a paid job. Will you be able to follow through on your commitment? Don't forget: if you make a commitment, people are counting on you! Would it be a better idea to start with just a few hours, in order to see if volunteer work suits you?
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