What is violence?
What is violence?

• Is the use of force in order to control or exert power over another person
• Is used to hurt, inhibit or dominate another person
• May take various forms: an action, spoken words, written words, etc.
• May be committed by an individual or a group
• May be direct (e.g. a kick) or indirect in situations where the violent act is more concealed (e.g. spreading false rumours) 
• Is never acceptable!

Violence is not a personality trait.

Violence is a way a person uses emotions such as fear, shame or powerlessness to attain a goal.

Violence or conflict?

Not every conflict leads to violence! For example, if you find yourself in a situation in which you disagree with your friends, you can handle the conflict by talking, without having to resort to violence. Did you know that violence is an ineffective way to try and resolve a conflict?

By expressing your disagreement, explaining your opinion and listening to the other person's point of view, you can promote discussion instead of violence. This makes it easier to understand the other person's position, to reach a compromise, and to maintain your friendships.

Violence will never help resolve a conflict. Coming to blows doesn't help the other person understand your position or meet you in the middle. Resorting to violence means risking losing your friends and creating conflicts in many areas of your life (e.g. in your friendships, your love life, your job, at school, with your family).

Violence or anger

Anger is a perfectly normal emotion you may experience when you're feeling sad, disappointed or frustrated. Anger is something you will feel many times throughout your life. 

There are several ways to manage anger and to appropriately express its effects, as well as tricks for managing a blow-up. For example, step back a moment and give yourself time to compose yourself before taking any action or responding to the angering situation. This might help you avoid taking any violent actions you may later regret. In spite of your anger, you can deal with other people respectfully without resorting to violence

Violence is an inappropriate way of expressing anger. Did you know that violence can make you feel more angry instead of help you feel better? And violence can worsen a situation or conflict instead of improving it. No matter how strong the emotions you're feeling, it's not acceptable to hurt others or resort to violence. 

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