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If things don't go right... go left.

- Johanna -

One tiny act of kindness can make the world go round always be kind:)

- Angel -

Some people may seem so nice... but just because they seem like they are doesn't mean they are. Every one who has a person like that in their life, you deserve better. You can do better. Be kind to yourself and others.

- Angel -

September wind And autumn coldness The ghost of a gone heat

- h2o20 -

Scars are left behind, but some too deep to feel

- Vultures -

why fall in love when u can fall asleep

- memes4life -

How long till someone notices ?

- anon -

Love ends up hurting us

- Angel -

You are worth more than what he thinks of you

- Cassy -

Just because she's pretty doesn't mean you have to be. Just because he's tall doesn't mean you have to be. Just because they're dead doesn't mean you have to be.

- HiThere -

I wish someone would need me as much as the earth needs the sun. I wish someone would think of me ask often as they breathe. I wish someone would want me as much as money. I wish someone would love me as much as I love them.

- LoNelyGiRl -

Trust is a tower: it takes years to build up, yet seconds for it to crumble down.

- Sammy111 -

We will all die someday, so make the most of the life you have now.

- -Daisies- -

People care and love you ????

- Anubis -

It's okay to not be okay. Sometimes we have our ups and downs. Just because you're not okay now doesn't mean you always will be. There's always an alternative. You won't be in an oppressive environment forever- you won't live with your family forever. You will be okay. Maybe not today or tomorrow. But, you will be. You just have to keep reaching for that day where you will be okay. If you don't feel good now,tell yourself "I might be okay tomorrow." It will get better, I promise.

- Damien -

My sister always treat me like shit and i am so tired of her, i just hope she skip enough classes for the school to call the dpj and that she'll go in a center. She's really mean and my mom let her do whatever she wants.

- Crywank -

My friend has all the guys around her.... im just a hopeless girl who isnt pretty enough.... what is the problem? im not pretty? im too shy? I guess... No one will ever love me......

- Anonyme -

You are worth it. You are beautiful. Keep going. Dont give up. After the rain, comes the sun.

- Stillinthecloset -

My friends told me to be myself... But now they're judging me.

- Depressed Girl -

Never regret. Always learn.

- Ash -

i cant have a beautiful life without making beautiful mistakes

- nzia -

i remember the hot sunny days of my childhood

- nzia -

we have choices in life: now as you read this choose to be happy or choose to be sad......you made a choice and ur right

- nzia -

life is full of chances and second chances

- nzia -

no matter how hard it is for now, in the future it always gets better

- mymy -

Your emotions are like a boat on the sea of life. If you load your boat too much it will start to sink. Just remember to go take a swim sometimes or you can throw things out the boat as well.

- The voice within -

We don't always get what we want..

- chocolateaddicted -

Nothing hunts us like the things we don't say..

- HelloKitty -

If you can dream it, you can do it - Walt Disney

- Quotes"" -

I appreciate you and I am proud of you and even on your worse days, you will never disappoint me and I love you no matter what.

- C -

sometimes you can love someone more than you love yourself, you allow that person to consume your whole heart, and when they leave you, it feels like they took a piece of your heart with them...

- J&J -

It doesn't matter who hurt you or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again

- Ju -

stay strong no matter what and believe in yourself

- Squishee-Girl -

"There will be darkness to light but there will always be light to your darkness"

- Kat123 -


- nicki -

So, the world's unfair? Keep it locked out there. In here it's beautiful.

- fyo -

10 years ago i was writing sad and happy thoughts on that wall. I remembered it right now while I was laying on my bed. Back then I use to feel so many feelings. I was a teenager and life seemed unfair all the time. But now i am 23, as happy as i can be. I get downs sometimes but i figured thats just how life is. You just have to learn how to dance in the rain :-) keep it up.

- Flower -

heres are some tips for aniety - dont eat your feelings - you could dance your feelings out -swim -exersise -call a friend -make plans for the weekend -dont starve - dont do harm to yourself others or break things i hope this helped be YOU tiful !

- mary:) -

i love my gf so much ............... omg.

- dave -

Im sure many people will understand this. Being in the middle of the arguments and the fighting and all those cruel happening makes me want to dig a hole and bury myself in it. They dont get it. They dont understand. this anger builds iside me each and every day but no, you never have the time to listen to what i have to say. PUT YOUR SELF IN MY SHOES. I AM THE IN-BETWEENER.

- The In-Betweener -

Im always really depressed because my mom said that im always on the computer but i just can't help it! I feel like im more comfortable with random people on the internet then my parents and friends. Also because she always naging and naging about how i need to get more exercise and all. And im not even fat! And my best friend at school ( which is hardly my best friend now!) is always playing with this other girl that gives me the mucky looks, but before we three were all friends the i got .....

- Fia -

Im always sad and fell crying because before i would always laugh and be random but people didint like it so i became reserved,shy and lonly.

- I dont want to say my name -

I was lonely, I am lonely and I will be lonely, Why did I come to this world, Where everything is unfair. Why do I exist, though no one knows about me. Why do I have to be only, All by myself in another lonely world, Separated from all the others... -Inspired by a true story (not mine)

- Yu Ling -

life can be hard, it can be tough, it could be sad, even hopeless. But your choice, to stand or to fall, but u can do one thing : believe .

- smiley -

Why am I in this position of not knowing where I am, I won`t blame this on anyone because we all chose where to go, personal decisions are made but I still can`t figure myself out. I`m like a maze that just doesn't have a final point. I`m lost in my own self and I can`t get out, as soon as I feel that i`m at the peek, something happens and I just fall back down to the point I was originating from.

- Lost Person -

Roses are red, violets are violets, I hate life !, What about you ~ Me

- N0heart -

Success is your only option, failure's not. -Eminem

- Manda -

Unsure of where to go, but going to follow my heart :)

- Frenchie -

If you're being bullied, know that you're not alone!! It isn't your fault! Go tell someone, stand up for yourself, you can do it! I believe in you, you amazing, beautiful person! It will get better. It will soon be all right!

- Be Strong -

You're beautiful, don't forget it. And someone in the world love you. Smile, please. Cauz' angel when you smile, you're wonderful.

- Smile -

when a guy breaks your heart its hard but just forget the loser that did it ecause boys dont know what they have until its gone

- broken heart -

It's not about what you've done it's about what you're doing. It's all about where you're going, no matter where you've been. Stay strong <3

- Dreamer -

I know it sounds cliche, but things DO get better! You can do this. You're strong. We're proud of you. I love you. You're not alone. Xxx

- Katie -

If you're feeling depressed and have thoughts of suicide, just always remember: things WILL get better. It might not be today, or maybe tomorrow. But trust me, one day everything will be fine and YOU need to be alive to see it. Stay strong, honey. *Always remember that you are loved.

- aence -

- -

''Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going.''

- cosadi -

"If you can't explain it to a grade 1 girl, you don't understand it yourself."

- fump -

“Stay strong because there’s a rainbow after every storm”

- ms.horan -

You can be the peanut butter to my jelly You can be the butterflies I feel in my belly You can be the captain And I can be your first mate You can be the chills that I feel on our first date You can be the hero And I can be your sidekick You can be the tear that I cry if we ever split You can be the rain from the cloud when it's storming Or you can be the sun when it shines in the morning <3


when you lose a game in life there will be others but when you cheat to win the game of your life you can wreck your whole life ....most important in life is that you be nice and not fight wich i shose the wrong path and fighted in the dark light

- lil pix -

Its not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along <3

- ~susie~ -

" You make me smile like the sun, Fall out of bed, Sing like a bird, Dizzy in my head, Spin like a record, Crazy on a Sunday night. You make me dance like a fool, Forget how to breathe, Shine like gold, Buzz like a bee, Just the thought of you can drive me wild, Ohh you make me smile :) " ~UNCLE KRAKER~

- iwonderland -

These hands of his Have broken me On the inside and out.. These hands of his Have been tattoed As mine have.. These hands have held mine These hands have abused These hands are imprinted in my heart.. These hands wont ever be forgotten.. These hands of his, will always be... part of me.. These hands of Mine, will never be held again..

- iwonderland -

if i had a flower for every time i thot of you.....i can walk in my garden forever

- Lil-pix -

Do or do not. There is no "try".

- ihc -

success is not about who you are or your job title but about how much you have overcomed.

- alicefazooli -

Imagination is the key to happiness, cause even if you failed in something, you can always imagine that you didn't to get back up.

- Shadnur H. -

lifes not easy, who said it was supposed to be ? you go through really rough patches sometimes, but you have to continue, because there are people out there that care about you and love you.

- juls4 -

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.

- -Ew* -

Don't let life bring you down be strong and fight for happiness even if it doesn't arrive right away. Life is collection of mountains there are highes and lowes and the lowes make you enjoy and value the highes so fight stay strong no matter what your going through theres always light at the end of the tunel. Life isn't made to be easy and sometimes you'll need others to help you just don't shy away from the help.

- DGswim -

It may hurt for a while, but if you were miserable then there was no reason to stay. Think that you'll find the right one oneday and you'll look back and say why did I hope things will change when they won't no matter what you did. There are so many people out there there's got to be one right for you just give it time and you'll find that person. Keep a posistive mind set and let your feelings come out, but don't let them take control of you and just accept them for what they are. Stay strong.

- DGswim -

Life isn't always about being perfect for those who doesn't care about us. If life can't give us the better of it than we will make the better of it cause life will always knock us of the track but we will get up and keep going! Life will never be easy so keep trying ;)

- mizssweety6 -

you are beautiful

- Anonymous -


- mel15 -

I hate you. I hate you because you had an accidental child that you can't even take care of. It was your fault. You made the mistake of not using protection and now you're forced to take of this waste of space, time and money. If you knew you couldn't give it the love it needed, than you should have been more careful and thought your actions through. I hate you. I hate you because you don't love me as much as you love the others.

- Accidental Child -

I like you :) So much, that sometimes I let fear take the wheel of my perspective. Your love always steers it back.

- ddubb -

my friends say i should forget about but how can i forget about the only person who believed in me? Living my days without you is a difference i cannot accept yet i will not forget about but i will one day accept this change for now

- ScorpioLover -

My tears fall and fall. I don't understand. How can a place remind me that much? And i can't leave this place... Cause i have no where else to hide... I wanted to write down how i feel. I din't know where to write this so i thought i could wright this here.

- MusicFreak23 -

we all need eachother, if we can find the strength to stand and accept ourselves...except that its not our fault...we can all be that someone everyone needs. We can all help eachother. We're all each other has, anyone has. Human to human, we need to support one another.

- everyone_needs_support -

When the one you love makes you cry yourself to sleep he may not be the best for you. But if you can't spend a day withou thinking of him don't let o. And if he doesn't care then maybe you shouldn't either. True love WILL find you: so stop looking to hard 'cause you'll miss him for sure.

- love_loves_all -

My life is hard. I feel alone, I need help.

- -Ivana -

Always feel the sweetness that it pours on everything !!!

- Live -

I don't want to grow up Its the most horribly scary thing ever I'm already alone enough as it is The more people grow up, the less anyone cares about you... The less you see them The easier they forget you... The more alone you are....... I wish I never had to grow old.... even if it's trough that.....

- Yukey -

The greatest thing you`ll ever learn Is just to love and be loved in return

- A little shy -

Falling out of love is hard Falling of betrayal is worst Thinking all you need is there Empty promises will wear On your own you can go ahead tell them All we had is gone now Tell them what I hoped will be Tell them all I know now I was carless, I forgot There is nothing to say Just caution when it comes to love

- Mistakes -

If hitting me with a bike is all you had to do to make me dump you and escape the misery of being with you, then if i ever make a stupid decision and say yes again, hit me with a bike a second time, as a reminder.

- DramaMama -

And now my heart is broken and all my scars are open ... I miss you

- Chloe -

Love is or it Ain't .! Thin love, isn't love at all.

- Tanguay -

i am a shooting star thats why i am your favorite peace guys love you

- audrémi -

It's not about what you've got, it's what you make of what you've got!:)!

- Anonymous -

If there's a problem, there is more than one family in your life; one bound by blood and another bound on similarities. If both fail, try talking to a professional psychologist ( a psychiatrist prescripts medicine) because they are like a vault of secrets; they keep secrets and they only tell your parents if you want them to...

- Anomynous -

After all this time I never thought we'd be here When my love for you was blind But I couldn't make you see it That I loved you more than you'll ever know A part of me died when I let you...

- Persecuted -

Im scared. Scared that one day, people will judge me for who I really am. Im scared that I will never find true friends that understand me. No those fake persons who pretend to understand everything in your life. Im scared that because of my low self-esteem, I will never fnd true love. Life suck, then you die, (...)

- Jane -

pretend they care but really don't others just seem concerned because they do not want to look bad i'm tired of being smiled at while im being lied to exhausted of tolerationg the pain pretending that it doesn't hurt but really it is killing me inside but what is the use of showing your pain if no one cares?deep down i always knew but just did not want to believe because the pain was too much but now it is just in my face no choice but to see that no one cares

- choices -

sometimes you just know when your life is in danger.Is there really a way out unless if death is the option?How to survive is the question.Will it get better?In how long?Is it too much to tolerate?There are never mistakes only regrets but how can you regret something when it has become your pride and joy,no one to live for but your reason to survive,what is the solution then?Nowhere to go nowhere to run should i just take the suffering do i really deserve it?Does it make sense to live in pain?

- choices -

Bon travail!!!!!!

- M23 -

why are you gay?

- fgh -

it doesn't matter what you are! you can be goth, emo punk girlie, the only difference is the style, we all have feeling like everyone one else! the cue is to never give up, even when you feels that nothing's can be worse! believe in yourself! :)

- V. -
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