Are we spending too much time on the Internet?
Throughout the month of June, visitors on were able to quantify the number of hours they spend on average per week on the Internet. The results are impressive, 40% of respondents spend over 21 hours per week on the web!

The results are as follows:

Total votes: 1911

How many hours do you spend on the Internet each week?

  • 0-5: 410 (21.5%)
  • 6-20: 722 (38%)
  • 21-40: 371 (19%)
  • 41 +: 408 (21.5%)

The Internet is an excellent tool for entertainment and communication. But we must remain careful that our cyber-activities do not impinge on the rest of our lives!

For more information you can visit the section of our site on cyber-addiction.
Published : 3 July 2009
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