Many young people to spend the summer at home
«Where do you spend your summer vacation?» Was the question asked on the throughout the month of July. Almost half of respondents said they will spend the summer at home.
The results were distributed as follows:

1 404 Total Votes

Where do you spend your summer vacation?
  • At work 346 votes 24.7%
  • On holiday 311 votes 22.1%
  • At summer camp 92 votes 6.5%
  •  At home 655 votes 46.7%

Staying at home can be good and comfortable! However, one must find ways to get entertained. Community centers, houses of culture and youth homes offer a variety of interesting activities for the summer holidays. Otherwise, there is the swimming pool, picnics, cycling and rollerblading, friends, family ... in short, during summer, there is no reason to be bored.
Published : 3 August 2009
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