Young people are looking for romantic relationships
How would you define your romantic situation?

This question was asked to visitors of throughout the month of October and to which responded 2 116 people.

Of these, 46.7% are single including 39% who are looking for a partner.

On the other hand, 31.6% are in a relationship including 24% who are happy. For 11% of respondents, the status of the relationship is more or less clear.

Here's the breakdown of results:
How would you define your position in love?
  • Happy to be alone: 17%
  • Alone, but I am searching: 39.7%
  • Happy in my relationship: 24.1%
  • I must get out!: 7.5%
  • Somewhat in a relationship: 11.7%
Published : 5 December 2009
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