The Holidays, not fun for everyone
This year, Christmas will be for you

This was the question asked to visitors of the throughout the month of December and to which responded to 1 848 people.

For 69% of respondents, the holiday season promised to be nice: a moment of happiness, rest or family reunion. However, for nearly a third of respondents the Holidays would be a bad time to go through, or the return of bad memories.

Total votes: 1848

This year, Christmas will be for you:
  • A moment of happiness 509 votes - 27.5%
  • The opportunity to see family 368 votes - 20%
  • A rest period 398 votes - 21.5%
  • The return of bad memories 175 votes - 9.5%
  • A bad time to go through 398 votes - 21.5%
Published : 6 January 2010
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