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The New Year's Resolutions
What is your resolution for 2010?

This question to which answered 1289 people was asked to visitors of throughout the month of January.

The results are mixed. First is the 20% who simply do not believe in resolutions. Furthermore, 17.2% of respondents are aiming at working on their work relationships, while more than 60% wanted to focus on their personal well-being and academic performance.

What is your resolution for 2010?

Total: 1289 votes
  • Take care of me, body and spirit 422 votes 32.7%
  • Improve my grades 383 votes 29.7%
  • Work on my relationships 221 votes17.2%
  • I do not believe in resolutions! 263 votes 20.4%
Published : 11 February 2010
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