Valentine's Day is not always pink!
To you, Valentine's Day is:

This question to which answered 1663 people was asked to visitors of throughout the month of February.

Only 22.5% of respondents said they celebrate Valentine's Day for what it is: the day of love. For a third of respondents, Valentine's Day is a rather gloomy day that reminds them of their loneliness. Another third of respondents consider Valentine's Day as an ordinary day. Finally, 11% of respondents say they take the opportunity to celebrate with friends.

To you, Valentine's Day is:

Total: 1663 votes
  • The day of love with a capital L! 375 votes - 22.5%
  • Sad because I'm alone (e) 557 votes - 33.5%
  • The opportunity to celebrate with friends 181 votes - 11%
  • A day like any other 550 votes - 33%
Published : 3 March 2010
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