Spring, the season of optimism?
For you, spring is:

This is the
subject of the survey which was posted on teljeunes.com throughout the
month of April 2010 and answered by 1710 people.

For almost half
of respondents, spring is an encouraging time because it means that
summer is approaching.
For 13% of them, spring represents the season of love,
while 15% view it as a period of stress because there is so little time to do everything.
Finally, 24% of
respondents are divided between the three statements.

For you, spring is:
Total: 1663

• The season of love 12.7%
• Stressful,
because I lack time 14.8%
• Encouraging, summer is approaching! 48.2%
• All these answers
and more!
Published : 5 May 2010
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