Condoms, a protection method favoured by youth
The poll of June on the in which 1 320 people participated treated of protection methods.

According to the home survey, the condom would be young people’s favoured mean of protection. 50% of participants said they would use one in their next intercourse, while 28% of them said they rely on the contraceptive pill. 15% of respondents considered themselves sufficiently informed about the means of protection, while 7% were still seeking information.

When you will have a sexual relationship…

Total: 1320 votes

1 - I am / my girlfriend takes the pill 28%
2 - I will use condoms 50%
3 - I feel well enough informed on the methods of protection 15%
4 - I'm looking for info on methods of protection  7%
Published : 22 July 2010
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