Going back to school is not easy
What does going back to school mean to you ?
Here's the question that was asked to visitors of teljeunes.com throughout the month of August and to which 1199 people answered.
The results are divided and eloquent. Half of respondents feared the return to school because for them it means fear of the unknown, intimidation or the end of a romantic relationship, while 36% of respondents were eager to be reunited with their friends and 14% saw this new beginning as an opportunity to excel.

Here are the detailed results
What does going back to School mean to you ?
1 - The joy of being reunited with my friends-35%
2 - The fear of the unknown-20%
3 - The fear of being bullied (e) - 13%
4 - The motivation to surpass myself-14%
5 - The mourning of a summer love-17%
Published : 15 September 2010
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