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[In love or guilt tripping myself?] Hey tel-jeunes, i found your site and i finally mustered up the confidence to ask a question. So, my problem is that I'm confused whether I love this girl or not. I met her 4 years ago on the... »»»
[Disconnected with my old friends] This year i went to a high school different from all of my friend's high school. It was really hard at first (because I'm way too shy for my own good) but eventually I got a little bit used to it.... »»»
[Should I ask her out] Hi, tel-jeunes. I have known this girl for 2 years now and I looked back and realized that I really like her. I don't know how she feels about me, and I'm not sure if it's appropriate to ask her... »»»
[relationship advice] hi teljeunes!! so i have been friends with this guy for a longggg time, and on the last day of school i told him that i have feelings for him, and he likes me back! so that's great. we started... »»»
[Depression] Hi, so i've been dealing with depression for almost 5 years now. When i was younger, i was victim of parental abuse and i guess i'm still traumatised by all this situation. I wanted to consult the... »»»
[What does this all mean?] We all want an easy way out; perhaps an advice from god or even to find a leading path of happiness. I'm not going to tag myself as religious or catholic but I do believe in live and it's reasons.... »»»
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[trying toooo hard ] is everyone feeling like me? like everyone is trying really hard on making new friends, idk i feel like my friends are just skipping me alllll the time and going to new friends. WHICH ARE SOO... »»»
girl - 14 ans
[Grandma] My grandmother died on my birthday last year, and soon I will turn 12. This situation makes me uneasy and very sad. »»»
[will i forever have no one who loves me ] why do I push everyone away. I hate feeling alone yet I want to have no one around me and I push them all away to the point where they leave and I hate when people change. why do I have mood swings... »»»
[Mon ex] Nous sommes sortis ensemble pour deux semaines et il m'a laissé parce qu'il sentait que nous sommes allés trop vite, que nous nous connaissons pas assez. Je le croyais, mais plus le temps passe,... »»»
[what is the problem with me] my friend has all the guys around her i have no one she is pretty im not she is funny im not im not im not im not i know someday my prince charming will come but why do no one likes me...... »»»
[weed and depression] Lately I have been very depressed. I have lost the joy of living and I thought that consuming marijuana might help? I know you will most lightly refer me to a terrapist but I refuse to do any type... »»»
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[I will always be alone] Hi, for the past few years I've been feeling really low about myself and it just keeps getting worse. I'm 19 and never had a boyfriend and all my friends have one or had. My overweight best friend... »»»
girl - 19 ans
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[Is it abuse?] I'm 15 and transgender. It took me a long while to figure myself out, and last year I finally figured I was more comfortable identifying as male. I came out to my father only about a few months... »»»
boy - 15 ans
[Im scared to love] Hello, I'm Cat. Im scared to love. I dont know why, but each time I date someone, I always end up being dumped. In first grade, I started dating, but you know it wasnt love love, its more like a... »»»
[confidence ] I'm really struggling with self confidence. I don't know if you guys can help me but I'm just wondering if you can give me some tips to stop being shy all the time because it has ruined a lot of... »»»
[Is skateboarding, longboarding illegal?] I'm a skateboarder and I'm really into skateboarding,either as a tool for transport or just for fun. I use my skateboard for most of the time when I go to my friends house and to school, only when... »»»
[Will I be judged for my weight?] I'm kinda fat. Like 200 pounds fat. But I've lost 50 and I'm still losing. Next week for Easter we're going to Belgium to see my moms family and I'm extremely nervous that they'll judge me on my... »»»
[Toxic relationship ? ] Hi, I feel stuck between the person I want to be and the person I am. I feel like I want to be selfless, honest and caring ... But every time I hurt I become the exact opposite. I do well for... »»»
[IUD] Je suis une adolescente angoissée pas le bris d'un condom. C'est ma pire phobie. J'aimeria savoir si il y a des IUD (technique de contraception sans hormones) disponible pour les jeunes? J'ai... »»»
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