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Cutiepie - girl - 11 ans (9 June 2014)

Hello, I don't feel good in myself. I feel like I'm fat. I want to lose weight but I'm scared. I also have problems with my friends and school. I changed school recently and I only have 1 friend. A bad friend we get in fights all the time and we get jeolus of eachother. I just wish I could have other friends and I would be happy and not be afraid of going into school because we've had a huge fight recently and she bullied me. I also hate my appearance I've tried EVERY products and I can't get rid of those ugly pimples. I also feel very fat for my age. I just feel alone a lot of times and I feel like I have no friends. :( help anonymous

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi Cutiepie!

You are experiencing a difficult situation. I understand you are feeling bad in yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of young people have feeling like that. As a teenager, it is not easy to see our body changing and to accept it. The image of ourself can have an influence on our emotions and on our self esteem. If you have negative feelings about your body, I understand it is difficult for you to feel good in it. Each body is unique. To be thin is not the only way to feel good in our body. Do you understand what I mean, Cutiepie? Can you find one thing you like on your body? Don't forget, your personnality is what makes you unique too. Can you name your qualities and capacities, Cutiepie?

I would like to help you more, but since you are not asking a question it is hard for us to determine what type of help you are looking for. Would it be possible for you to rewrite us by clarifying what you would like to change in your situation so that we can orient and guide better our interventions? Also, I will ask you to choose one subject between your body image and your difficulties with your relations. It will be easier for us, and for you, to work on one thing at the time, it is ok with you? If you wish, you can also call us. We are available 24/7!

Until then, take could care of yourself, Cutiepie!  


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