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Jaylo - girl - 12 ans (18 January 2009)

k well im 12 years old turning 13 soon like a couple of months. Anyways im in grace seven write now and i have really small boobs like i dont have anything. All the other girls in my class are fully developed and im not. It makes me mad because i dont think of myself as hot. When theres a really cute shirt that i cant wear because i dont fill it out that makes me really mad. There ae some girls in my class that are in grade 6 (because it is a split class) and they wear padded bras but they dont need to. I was wondering if there is anything i should do to grow boobs or if i should be wearing a padded bra to make the eluson of boobs. Jaylo...

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Jaylo! Puberty can bring a lot of questions.

You’re wondering if there’s anything you should do to make your breasts grow. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to make the body develop faster. You know Jaylo, every girl is different. Some girls have bigger breasts, some have smaller ones. Some girls develop faster, some have to wait a little longer. It’s important to respect the rhythm of our body. What do you think?

Tell me, what would be different if you had bigger breasts? Why is it so important for you? After all, the size of your breasts is not what defines you. Am I right? So, why don’t you put attention on the parts of your body that you like? Instead of putting your energy on the shirts you think you cannot wear, why don’t you put it on the ones that make you feel beautiful? Do you think that only breasts can make a girl beautiful? Remember that you’re a beautiful person with your own body, but also with your own qualities, strengths, talents, opinions, etc. What do you think?

Don’t hesitate to call us if you wish to talk to a counsellor. I also invite you to have a look at the “YOUR BODY, YOUR HEALTH” section of our web site under the “Unhappy about the way you look?” rubric. Take care!


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