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jj - girl - 13 ans (12 January 2010)

ok so i am 13 and i have not gotten my period yet, my cousin just got hers and she is exactly 1 month older than me and we have about the same amount of breast growth. i want to know what are the signs of getting your period and when you know when you will get it and if i know when it will come and if there is some way to tell? thanks :)

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello jj,

I read your message: I can feel you're preoccupied about the changes in your body.

You know, it's absolutely normal to look at friends or people around us and compare our body's changes. You mention comparing yourself with your cousin. We might wonder if we're normal or not. You know jj, every girl is unique. At 13 years old, some are starting their period and for others it will come later.

We can't predict at what moment each change will appear but it will.
There's one sure thing; you're entering puberty. Changes will come, gradually and at your body's rhythm. Maybe you have already noticed some changes in your body. Do you understand what I mean by that?

If you want to learn more, here's link to the Canadian Women’s Health Network. It's an article about the first periods. I think it might interest you.

We're always available for you. Take care!


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