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[Will I be judged for my weight?] I'm kinda fat. Like 200 pounds fat. But I've lost 50 and I'm still losing. Next week for Easter we're going to Belgium to see my moms family and I'm extremely nervous that they'll judge me on my... »»»
[Friends, appearance , school] Hello, I don't feel good in myself. I feel like I'm fat. I want to lose weight but I'm scared. I also have problems with my friends and school. I changed school recently and I only have 1 friend. A... »»»
[Body image] I don't know what to do...I'm not really pretty and I don't really like my body. I've been trying to lose weight recently and it doesn't work. Not the unhealthy way, I have been eating. But like I... »»»
[weight] When I was very young I was brought to a psychologists because I would throw food away. My mom thought I was anorexic. I have always been obsessed with body image. Although my BMI is 21.1, I feel... »»»
[Periodss] I think i got my period but i dont know?? Last night when i went to the bathroom my thong had like a stain on it... it didnt look like poo but it could have been.. it was rust coloured/brown? it... »»»
[periods] ok so i am 13 and i have not gotten my period yet, my cousin just got hers and she is exactly 1 month older than me and we have about the same amount of breast growth. i want to know what are the... »»»
[Jaylo needs to no] k well im 12 years old turning 13 soon like a couple of months. Anyways im in grace seven write now and i have really small boobs like i dont have anything. All the other girls in my class are... »»»
[Eating Disorders] I've been throug an eating disorder a few months ago, and now one of my close friends is going through one. I'm telling her to stop but she doesn't want to she says she's not able.. I'd really like... »»»
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