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[weed and depression] Lately I have been very depressed. I have lost the joy of living and I thought that consuming marijuana might help? I know you will most lightly refer me to a terrapist but I refuse to do any type... »»»
[Can you tell me more about effects of those drugs??] Ok.. First of all im not addicted. I'm taking Shrooms or weed maybe around once every two weeks. I don't think it's problem. But if i keep doing it, what is goinng to happen to me? Iam scared... »»»
[melange lait et drogue ] Bonjours Jaurrai une question pour vous jaimmerai savoir si boire du lait pouvai entrainner une movaise ou une bonne reation losque je suit geler sur lextasie ou sur le speed est ce vrai que si je... »»»
[project] dear teljeunes, I am not emailing you because i have an addiction, I am emailing you people because I need to know some info of support groups, addiction on ecstasy because I am doing a research... »»»
[school project] i need to make a pamphlet on teen alcoholism. and i was wondering if someone can give me a very powerful and shocking story to make teens stay away from alcohol since i know you get a lot of storys »»»
[My friend wont stop lying ..] I know one of my friends Internet password .. and I know this is wrong, but i went to go look at her emails. I knew she did drugs, but I thought she did it about once a... »»»
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