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[ weed and depression ]

Christian - boy - 14 ans (21 October 2016)

Lately I have been very depressed. I have lost the joy of living and I thought that consuming marijuana might help? I know you will most lightly refer me to a terrapist but I refuse to do any type of terapie.

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi Christian :o)

It is an excellent idea to ask for professional information when we have questions.

You know, when you are taking marijuana, you can feel some positive emotions. However, there are others effects that worth consideration. Although, marijuana can be classified as a mild psychedelic drug, the active ingredients within marijuana do have many depressant effects. Therefore, marijuana is officially classified as a depressant.

In the short term, marijuana could have other side effects, such as concentration difficulties, anxiety, paranoia and so on.

In the long term, there are more risks for mental health issues as marijuana can increase the risk for anxiety, psychosis, learning difficulties, memory decrease and depression. Even if marijuana can help with depressive mood at the moment of consumption, the link between depression and marijuana has been scientifically proven in the long term. From this information, do you think marijuana would help you ?

You wrote that you are not interested in therapy. There are others options if you are diagnosed as depressive. Ask you doctor if you want.

Take care Christian :o) Feel free to contact us again !

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