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[ school project ]

HelpForProject - boy - 13 ans (16 April 2010)

i need to make a pamphlet on teen alcoholism. and i was wondering if someone can give me a very powerful and shocking story to make teens stay away from alcohol since i know you get a lot of storys

Tel-jeunes’ answer


Thanks for writing; your school project seems interesting and challenging!

To help you find facts about alcohol, I encourage you to read the "Drugs and addictions" section of our website. Here's the link:
You will find a lot of information and related websites.

I also understand you would like us to provide you with a story. You can go read questions from young people posted in the Drugs and addictions website. Still, in order to keep the confidentiality it is impossible to reveal any personal cases. Do you understand?

I wish you all the best!


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