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[ Can you tell me more about effects of those drugs?? ]

youngwildfree14 - girl - 14 ans (8 December 2011)

Ok.. First of all im not addicted. I'm taking Shrooms or weed maybe around once every two weeks. I don't think it's problem. But if i keep doing it, what is goinng to happen to me? Iam scared sometimes.. Thank you

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi youngwildfree14! I understand your concerns and it's a good thing to be informed when we decide to take drugs. Even though we are not experts in drugs effets, I will try to inform you so you can have a good idea.

A drug is a substance that, once absorbed, alters one or more functions of the central nervous system. Drugs can affect thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and moods. It is impossible to predict exactly what effect a drug will have. The effects of drugs are primarily a function of the combination of the substance (its nature, purity, and quantity, the way in which it was taken, and the amount of time it takes for the body to eliminate it), the individual (tolerance for the product, consumption habits, weight, height, general health status, and their emotional state before taking the drug), and the context (where the drug was consumed and who it was consumed with). Drugs are classified as hallucinogens, depressants, and stimulants, depending on their effects on the central nervous system. To learn more about the various categories of drugs, visit

Now, enven if there is a lot of consequences that can be related to drugs, the principal is the fact that you can develop a addiction. The majority of young people who take drugs believe they can control their drug use. Truth be told, we don’t develop a drug addiction from one day to the next. The addiction takes hold progressively, even if the person believes their drug use is under control. That being said, it's important to be careful when we consume and to be aware of the factors that could lead to an addiction. Allright?

I hope that will awnser your questions. If you don't find your awnsers at the web site I gave you, you can call «Drogue aide et références» at 1-800-265-2626.

Take care,


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