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[Grandma] My grandmother died on my birthday last year, and soon I will turn 12. This situation makes me uneasy and very sad. »»»
[Domestic fights] My parents are seperated. My dad recently got a girlfriend, but they have been fighting a lot and on several occasions my dad has gone as far as saying that we are moving out of the house we share.... »»»
[Mom is lying to me :(] My mom is lying to me. Once I woke up and found out my mom had been seeing a man at night. He was always there shirtless in the basement. I really hate him, but im not sure why. He never did... »»»
[ma mere (protege) mon frere] ma mère protège toujours mon frère. donc, je ne sais plus quoi lui dire pour qu'elle arrête. »»»
[my sister and father] my older sister and father have been argueing a lot lately and I really do not know what to do because if I get in the middle of it I get punished and am grounded but if I let it go all I hear is... »»»
[my mother] Hi, I am 13 years old and I cant not stop lying to my mother and she dosent trust me anymore,wath sould I do for her to trsut me again? »»»
[My mother] Well I'm a 16 year old girl, living in a house where there is always an argument between my parents. They are always fighting, and my mom screams very loud and threatens to leave... »»»
[My life] i hate my life because its all because of my sister she is prettier than me an di hate it im jealous i always tell her oo it looks nice on you and everything i make her happy but she never made em... »»»
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