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[ my sister and father ]

hellokitty - girl - 12 ans (9 August 2012)

my older sister and father have been argueing a lot lately and I really do not know what to do because if I get in the middle of it I get punished and am grounded but if I let it go all I hear is them screaming and argueing. So what do i do???

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi hellokitty,

I read your message with care and I understand you don't like to witness fights between your sister and father. It's true that screams and arguments aren't pleasant.

You know hellokitty, I understand you would like to do something. Meanwhile, these fights belong to both your father and sister, to their relationship. You don't have the power to make them stop or find them a solution. It's up to them to stop or to find a way to understand each other better. Do you understand what I mean?

We don't have much power over people fighting, but we do have power
When we hear a fight, we can choose to change room, listen to our favourite music, watch TV, etc. If possible, we could also go outside. For example: go play at a friend's house, sit outside, take a walk or a bike tour, etc. Do you have other ideas? What could make you feel better during these fights?

Also it's always possible to let people know how we feel. Have you ever spoken with your sister and your father, separately (at a moment where they are calm and in a good mood)? Do you think they could listen to you if you spoke of your feelings about this situation? Maybe they won't stop fighting, but at least they will know how you feel. Do you agree with me?

I hope these info will help you. We're always available for you if you need to!


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